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Friday, May 15, 2009

Shahrukh n Islam~~


hello there my fellow frens, last night I watch Bhootnath, the film which Shahrukh making a cameo appearance, as husband to Juhi n father to Aman Siddique, the story is quite okay (and i'm crying ahahahaah)~~ let go of that, dis time I don't want to talk about da movie but about ShahRukh~~

Dear all,

i know not all of you love Shahrukh as much as I do, and worst, some are hating him so much, and one of the reason is because of his undefined status as a Muslim~~~frens, as much as we blaming him for marrying a Hindu, or other controversial things.. please let us know Shahrukh first, and first of all let us know the Muslim situation in India~~

FYI, Muslim in India is also like the situation happen in Indonesia where the mixed marriage are legal for them~~~ worst, to become an actor means that you should be prepare to play as Hindu~~not only Shahrukh, also see Salman, Saif Ali, Tabu and others which are Muslim but always playing roles as Hindus in their film~~this is the situation that we should think why they agreed to play the role.

The answer is easy, most of the Muslim in India, are just in their IC or name, but not in their heart, and daily life. As Shahrukh, he was nurtured not in typical Muslim family like us... being thought how to pray, fasting, etc... if not at home, we will learn it at school right~~ eheehe~~~as Shahrukh, his family never thought him or perform solat at home... this is a usual daily life for some of the Muslim family, not only in India but also in Malysia, but for us, we are fortunate to have Pendidkan Islam at school~~but them, learning in school with most of them are Hindus, no one cares about teaching Islamic matter~~~the fact is, Shahrukh only perform solat once, when his mother was dying... he ask for Allah helps, but his mother passed away~~ i know, this shows how ungrateful he is to perform solat only once in his life, but could anyone says, who had done anything to teach him the real Islamic ways?

hmm... as a fan I which I could bring him to the real path but i couldn't...the only things that i can do is pray, that one day he will come back to the real Islam..InsyaAllah..amin~~~
p/s: amboi serius tol isu ni~~n i'm using English lak ahaks... itry to improve myself in English~~~wink~~~

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